Passier - dressage saddle COMPACT

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Passier - dressage saddle COMPACT

Invented by Passier: the perfect saddle for horses with a short back – and for their riders! Until now riders of compact horses always had to select a small seat size to avoid saddle pressure on the horse´s loins. But such a small seat area was often problematic for the rider. However: the era of compromise has ended because Passier has succeeded in making a big break-through with the Compact Dressage Saddle. The saddle combines a short contact surface for the horse with a significantly larger and more comfortable seat for the rider. Naturally the Compact also sets new standards regarding horse-friendliness. The panels give the horse greater freedom for the shoulders and withers and the new W-girth arrangement ensures that the saddle remains firmly in place: whilst pressure is taken off the horse´s shoulder at the front, at the back the strap exerts just the right pressure in precisely the area where the greatest hold is required. Seat and knee inserts are made of Jupa leather. With PS saddle tree. With deep seat and thicker thigh supports. Eye-catcher: the saddle is now also available with sparkling Swarovski Elements on the stirrup strap loop and/or the skirt (surcharge). Colors: black, havanna (dark brown) and teak (mid.brown). Sizes: 1 (approx. 16.5"), 2 (approx. 17"), 3 (approx. 17.5 - 18"). Standard tree width: 27.5 cm (others available). Saddles are special orders and non returnable.

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Passier - Dressursattel COMPACT
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