Sprenger - safety stirrups Bow Balance

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Sprenger - safety stirrups Bow Balance

The new design ensures improved leg position. Changing the weight ratio on these stirrups results in perfect balance and greater comfort for the rider. Shock absorbing grip is achieved by a widened tread made of rubber with two types of properties. The internationally renowned System 4 technology used in these stirrups enables immediate release of the foot in case of emergency. By flexing in four directions impact on the rider´s cartilage and ligaments is softened, without feeling unstable. Bow Balance design provides easy pick up upon mounting as they require very little effort on the rider´s part - a simple touch of the foot to the stirrups and it gently folds onto the rider´s foot. All stirrups are marked L, left and R, right for correct positioning on the saddle. Sizes: 11cm (4.1/4"), 12 cm (4 3/4"), 13cm (5.1/8") Sprenger item no. 44266. Also availabe: stirrup pads made of stainless steel (1030507).

Size / Colorstainless steel
11cm(4.1/4")in stock
12cm(4.3/4")in stock
13cm(5.1/8")in stock
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