Calevo Customer-FAQ

1. How can I send back items?

You can send back items postpaid, on your own costs, to the following address:

Calevo GmbH
Bechsteinstrasse 2
48488 Emsbüren

Please put a copy of the delivery note in the parcel and write down the reason for return so that we know how to process with your return. We will then wait for the items to arrive and create a credit note for the items amount after checking them. The refund will be made with the same payment method you have chosen. In case of a prepay order we additionally need your bank details (IBAN and BIC) to be able to refund the amount of the credit note.

2. Where can I receive my Login-data in case I forgot it?

You can easily choose the ‚Lost your password?‘ option down below of the customer login. Here you have to enter the registered email-address and user name to receive an email with your login-data.

3. How do you process with customer claims?

If there is a manufactural or material defect please contact us and send us a photo of your claim so that we can send it to the producer. They will then analyse the picture and give us further instructions about how to process with your claimed item. We will then contact you and inform you what can be done about the defect.

4. How do I create a customer account?

Please note that you can find on the upper right of the homepage the option ‚Login‘. When clicking on it you will be lead to the customer login. Down below you can choose the option to create a customer account. The name of your account should not contain special signs like „ü, ß, ...“. After creating a customer account you are automatically logged in and can complete your order. This way you also take part on our discount system.

5. My credit card gets declined when entering the requested information. What can I do to complete the order?

If you have problems with paying your order via credit card and an error code appears you have the opportunity to change the payment method into ‚prepay‘ to first complete the order and reserve all items for you. Then you can go into the customer service and change the payment method of your order again into ‚credit card‘ to enter the details again. Íf the card still gets declined you can also send a a manual payment for the orders amount in your customer service. Please check if the credit card is still valid and has enough money on account since this is a main reason for disclaimer.