Sprenger - WH Ultra soft loose ring snaffle - SENSOGAN

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Sprenger - WH Ultra soft loose ring snaffle - SENSOGAN

A new variation on the approved Ultra bits: the center section is provided with a soft but tough rubber cover. Helps to introduce a horse more easily to the bit. The aids given with the reins are carefully directed to the orses tongue resulting in prompt chewing activities, thus causing relaxed and contented horses. This bit helps to prevent tongue problems and teeth-grinding in an ideal way. The mouthpiece is made of Sensogan-78 (the innovative materialmix with reduced copper content and with manganese and zinc for a very positive influence on the horse’s satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform). With stainless steel rings. Thickness: 16mm, ring-diameter: 70mm, sizes: 12cm (4.3/4"), 13cm (5.1/8"), 14cm (5.1/2"). Sprenger item no 40612.

Size / ColorSENSOGAN-stainless steel
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