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Passier - FlexiPad

The new FlexiPads® are the saddle pads of the next generation, with all the advantages of the old FlexiPad® – which were tested by the IST Institute, Munich and the Schmitt-Thomas Research Group at the Technical University of Munich and rated as especially easy on the horse. The new FlexiPads® also adjust perfectly to the back of the horse and the saddle, so they can compensate for changes in the shape of the horse as it develops during training. They absorb the pressure – so that the muscles of the horse can relax. In addition, they ensure an optimum saddle-fit since they are made of FlexiFleece which has no memory effect and thus ensures that they always retain their shape. The new FlexiPads® fit even better, however, thanks to the cut back head and curved form. And as fully reversible pads, they are especially practical. The FlexiPads® can easily be washed in warm water (30°C) and are available in dressage and jumping models. Color(edge): black(black), white(white), grey(black), burgundy(burgundy), blue(blue), champagne(champagne) and as reversable pads in the color-combinations: brown/caramel(black), honey/brown(black), and purple/black(black).

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Passier - FlexiPad
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