Sprenger - Dynamic RS bit SENSOGAN-SST 16mm - SHINE BRIGHT EDITION

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Sprenger - Dynamic RS bit SENSOGAN-SST 16mm - SHINE BRIGHT EDITION

The well known Sprenger DYNAMIC RS bit is now individually available with glittering Swarovski crystals. The DYNAMIC RS double broken snaffle is made of Sensogan with stainless steel rings, thickness: 16mm, ring-diameter: 70mm. The right and left side is equipped with setted large Swarovski Crystal choosable in the color crystal, aquamarine, chrysolite, light col. topaz, provence lavender or vintage rose. Sprenger item no. 40426 x. Please simply choose your bit-size and the color of the Swarovski-crystals and the bit will individually made within 2-3 weeks (excluded from exchange or return).

Color / Size12.5 13.5
crystalorderable orderable
light col.topazorderable in stock
vintage roseorderable orderable
provence lavenderorderable orderable
aquamarineorderable orderable
chrysoliteorderable orderable
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